Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Go crazy out there tonight, kids! Here's a fun one of me in my costume (I'm Mickey) and CK's on the right, pre-costume. I'm not one to give away secrets.
Bunny Blog: Belle and Ferdinand the Bunnies: Gertrude Sucks, Valleywag Rocks

OOOO-EEEE! We've REALLY hit the big time now. Forget NewsWeek and C-Span, they can leave us a message, because we're too busy basking in the bunny glory of Belle and Ferdinand, our favorite lapins.

Look out for some future colloboration with these dudes. They're hoppin' (yes - I really did just say that)
Biz Stone, Genius: Blog of Note

Awesome! The PWS gang also got another shout out on BizStone, Genius. Thanks, man! And you're damn straight about loving the Second Life. We can't get enough of it over here. No sirree. Is it strange my fingers are numb from all this boppin around the metaverse? No, I didn't think so either.

Monday, October 30, 2006

PWS Launches Advice Column - What do YOU want to know!?*

As the above title suggests, we're starting a new column here on PWS, due to reader demand (which is getting really distracting, but keep it coming guys. And when you do, click on our ads. Twice.) So, the new column is driven by YOU, our 8-30 odd readers, most of whom visit for 2-3 seconds, and what your questions are for CK and I, given our stature and connections in the metaverse.

Let's get started, shall we?

The first question comes from a reader in Alaska (yes, they have the metaverse there too! I know, what's next?)

Q. How do I make my own Avatar?

A. GREAT question, and especially timely given the Register's news below. First and foremost, make it work for YOU. It's not just about impressing total and complete strangers on Second Life, it's about impressing yourself. I mean, you're going to be looking at this thing ALOT as you transport around Dimmydonka-lonka land. Here are some good questions to ask yourself as you get started:
  1. Your essence. What do I want people to think when they first see my "2nd" me? (Possible answers include: muscles, wings, horns, dog tails, horse-hooves). the sky's the limit, just be realistic and stick to what makes you, you. I recommend 4-90 minutes in front of the mirror followed by some drawing with colored pencils.
  2. Your personality. Do I want to be a little insane or really f'ing freaky? The thing here is that you have to pick one or the other, so think hard about this one. What do you feel deep inside? are you a) wierd, b) nuts or c) totally off-your-butt looney? Now that you have that straight, reflect this mood in your avatar. If you're in the "c" bucket, I'd go for some big leather-daddy wings and accessories. Tell 'em Peggy Booboo-head sent you! Price range is only about 20-40 real U.S. dollars, so go for it! Is there a better way to spend that money? I'm not even going to answer that...
  3. Your name. Now, this is paramount as you never get a second chance to make a first impression, even with fire-throwing, trance dancing pegasuses. (Trust me, I should know!) As we all know, your name is your IDENTITY, and you can't really put a price-tag on that (unlike your virtual red-pleather clothing and hair-pieces). What I like to do is shake it up a little. You can obviously start with the last name since you have to pick it from Second Life's exciting library. My favorites are: Kyrgyz, Carribook, Bunavad and Yanyean... then comes your first name. I don't want to prescribe some process here, but let me just say, people like alliteration and objects they're familiar with - think Kamikaze Kyrgyz for example. Is that exciting or what!? I want to meet him. Now. Wait. I can just be him. What did I say before? Something about the sky being the limit?!

With those basics, you should be well underway to getting your avatar started. I'm including above an inspiring portrait of a buddy's avatar. If we could all be this good!

*Guys - Due to popular PWS demand, you can also email us your questions at pastywhitesugar@hotmail.com. See you in the metaverse!

PWS EXCLUSIVE: Register Vulture Takes Dump in Second Life*

Our friends over at The Register have been so impressed by our proficiency in Second Life land, as well as our incredibly poignant reporting (not to mention good looks – and if you think I look good in First Life you just hold on to your pants when you get a load of my Avatar. I’m one fine looking alien pirate. No such thing exists you say? Oh it does, my friend, It sure does. And mark my words, one day the alien pirate race shall rule the world and then you’ll be sorry for making fun of my peg web leg. You sure will a-holes.). Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, The Register. We know our PWS readers are also big followers of this fine publication and are obviously in the know about the contest**. Well, today it is with great pride and perhaps a tear or two in my eye (only the one because I lost the other in a really messy arguement to a really rude zebra named Paul the other day. I know, right. What kind of name is Paul?), I would like to exclusively announce the official Register Avatar: a rather dapper vulture with a kickin’ little collar. Can we say, hot? We can and we have and we might even say it again.

Maybe we’ll see you around? You, PWS and Gertrude Trotter*** can all grab a Seabreeze and kick it with some numchucks and gigantic beanie babies or something.

*Dear Second Lifers: there’s been some question over whether you can actual answer Mother’s Nature calling in Second Life. Thoughts?

**Contest alert: Please submit your takes on what The Register's Second Life avatar should look like, and what our special place should be. We're thinking S&M parlor, but it's up to you. Winner gets a shirt or mug. [Graphics preferred]

***PWS’s favorite Second Lifer.
Quick, Quick Important Q

Do Second Lifers dress up for Halloween? And if so, what's considered a "costume" if you're already rockin around as George Hamilton or a yellow tricerotops?

Think about it. I dare you.
Today ValleyWag, Tomorrow the World

Imagine our surprise at PWS headquarters when we were alerted to this stunning piece in our favorite* tech rag, Valleywag.

Um, obviously we realize we're a pretty big deal but we had no idea you succas, I mean our fantastic readers, felt the same. But all 7 of you really pulled through for us - Thanks!

And thank you, Valleywag - If you ever need some Second Life freelance work done, well, you know where to find us. Fourth island on the left past wookie land.

*OK, OK - tied with The Register who gives PWS a run for our money in Second Life coverage.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Guys, Second Life is hotter than hot these days, and we all know where it's going. It's just about to eclipse Google, if I need to even tell you that, you must be asleep at the wheel/flying unicorn. Anyhow, I wanted to point out that Second Life isn't all "brand new." In fact, there have been people working tirelessly behind the scenes on building the blocks for the next generation of society for ages, with a quiet, dedicated and persistent passion.

Here's a tribute to Avatar Kennels (pictured above). Who knew how far they would go? They did.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm going to be around 4Eva, bitches

That's right. Whether you like or not looks like I'm here to stay. In my quest to downsize my caffeine intake, I've been partaking in a fabu little bevvie known to many as "Green Tea", but I prefer to call the "Live Forever Elixir". Why's that? Because it makes me impervious to every known disease and ailment to mankind. Read it and weep, succas. Looks like I'm going to be around awhile.

Meet Juan

So, SJ and I always get asked: "How do you come up with such great and compelling story ideas?" Well, obviously our incredible smarts have something to do with it as well as our nose for news, but like any talented artist, we have a muse - Someone who gets our creative juices bubbling and our pens a-racing. Someone who guides us to the true innovative BRILLIANCE that is PWS.

This man, this force, his name is Juan and I'd like you to meet him.

Oh look! Here he is out in San Francisco at Oracle OpenWorld spreading the PWS message: Thakrostenicul. What does that mean? I have no fucking clue. But who am I to question Juan? I'm not. He's a master. A genius if you will. And whatever he writes on that poster board of his, well, let me tell you, it's what dreams are made of. Dreams and pretty awesome pyschopaths who wear one bitchin pair of Oakleys.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NEWSFLASH: Second Lifers go to the movies.

Big news from last weekend: second lifers are in fact, EVERYWHERE. Now, I know we've talked about Second Life alot, and acknowledged how huge it is (side note: if you haven't gotten the invite to my pet Pegasus' baby shower, let me know. It's on Thursday and it's going to be really, really, really great), but even I was shocked this weekend when I was explaining to a good friend the magic that is Second Life.

Why was I shocked? Oh, I'll tell you. I was shocked, because just as I started to get really into explaining just *who* goes on Second Life, and just *what* they do there, a little head popped over next to my friend and said, excitedly, "You do Second Life!? I do Second Life!"

My excitement at the sharing of this experience with this amazing 40-something woman was slightly overshadowed by my complete and utter shock. I was at a movie, sitting one seat away, from a true-blue, hard-core, Second Lifer!! Where was CK when I needed her?? Before I could say anything, she whispered something that sounded like, "I'm Peggy Booboo Head!" and shoved a fistful of popcorn in her face, followed by her violently nodding at me, with a conspiratory look in her eye. She said, "You know me right!? You know me!" and laughed. I just nodded, a little in awe and said, "Yes."

She then went on to talk about how she doesn't play SIMS any more, because "Who needs that, when you have Second Life? It's a million times better!" I nodded. She also pointed out she has alot of property in Second Life she paid for and that she has a great store we could check out. A store where we could spend real money on totally fake things, which is basically the best idea I've ever heard. Pretty much ever.

Long story short my friends, Second Lifers are out there. They're sitting next to you in the movies, they're on the bus. They're all over. And that's just really fucking awesome.

My Mom's Advice On Flying

Hey! Apparently, it's the only way to fly... Enjoy


You must have quite a few f/f miles on Virgin by now with your school flights? You may want to check up on your account. If it has lapsed, they'll often restore the miles to you if you ask for it. I LOVE Virgin. I got to sit in First Class before take off once. I could get used to that. They indulged me with Champagne...which got me off to a lovely flight as you can well imagine your Mother :). Then I had to go back to the front row of coach. I noticed that they Stewards gave reflexology and shoulder massages too. Hey! How civilized is that?

Love MOO

Monday, October 23, 2006

Could It Be The Second Coming Of The Metaverse?

SJ is in Vienna for New Year's Eve and CK is in Edinburgh. In European talk, that's only a skip, hop and a jump away from... TROUBLE. The PWS Editors/Founders/Publishers might be together to ring in 2007. Watch out.

Friday, October 20, 2006

You Asked For It...

...and now you got it: a day in the life of the PWS founders. We're a pretty busy team, but when Fortune comes knocking on your door asking to do a profile avec action shots, you don't say no. You say, do I get paid for this? And when they say no you just say, OK.

Here's SJ and I brainstorming some great story ideas. As you can see, we're getting pretty heated over how we can best leverage the dancing Minnie Mouse in an upcoming feature piece.

Oh boy! How'd this outtake get in here? That's embarassing! We're sharing a laugh over those poor suckers who still work in the "real world." Idiots. Get a life - Ha!

That's the President on the phone. He reads PWS everyday because as he says, "PWS keeps him up-to-date on the most important issues and current events." SJ is giving him the scoop on Frank, the Pegasus, and his recent run-in with Frankenstein. Messy stuff.

Here we are comparing notes on the competition. We usually keep "reading" to a minimum because it hurts our eyes too much - not to mention it's so 2005. Hello?! No one reads in the Metaverse. They use telekinectics.

And here, my friends, is where all the magic happens - CK and SJ rolling out the latest, cutting-edge post in the metaverse. Woo-ee! It's a good one!

Phew! After a long, hard - yet rewarding! - day, SJ and I hop on our tandem bike and cruise over to our local bar for a Sea Breeze. See you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

We Hug Trees, and Drive SUVs

PWS cares about the environment (except SJ - she uses hairspray out of a aerosol can. Time to alert the Second Life Liberation Army!) but other than that, we're energy-concious, tree-hugging, green gals so OBVIOUSLY we attended the Solar Power 2006 Conference in San Jose this week. And we rolled up in true eco-style: in this sweet, sweet ride. What is that you ask? Well, that is my rental car. Yes sir. It's the only way to travel to an environmental event in a double cab, extended bed Dodge Dakota pick-up truck. And let me tell you, I was the envy of every hippy at the event. Every single god damn one of them.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Slow News Days Don't Mean I Don't Care.

Which is why I give you this picture above, and ask: what do *you* (pointing) think it is?

By the way, It doesn't take very long to show that I care about keeping this hot blog current.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

OK. That's It.

You know, SJ and I are a little disappointed in our so-called, self-proclaimed "loyal" readers. I'm sick of hearing, "Oh, I read PWS everyday! At least 5x" or "I love PWS! It's more addictive than crack" or "I just bill my clients for 8 h0urs a day but really all I'm doing is reading PWS." Well you know what? I think you are all LIARS. That's right, liars. We get no sort of feedback or comments (except from ourselves). And if we don't get any feedback, I ask you, how are we supposed to GROW and DEVELOP as professional individuals? How??? I'll answer that - we DON'T. We're creatively stifled. We don't know which way is up or down. I don't know if my reporting on 2nd Life is engaging and SJ doesn't know what you people think of Godzilla. We're confused, scared, and most of all ... sad. Therefore, SJ and I have decided to shut down shop and take PWS in-house. Back to its roots as a two man shop. So, sayonara, thanks for the laughs and we'll be seeing you... Unless, we get some much welcome support from our readers. What do the four of you think?

The waiting is over. Godzilla Paintings Have Arrived.
(No, this isn't a joke).

Here's the email:

Hola segnorita bella,

Aqui estan.Dick pirated them [the paintings], and they are in Naples, Fla. at his new condo, but I can get them back.

The photo of godzilla at the golden gate bridge is notfinished in the photo, but is now finished with the cables, etc. and is worth MUCHO DINERO!


Editor's Note: Lest there be any confusion, the above paintings depict Godzilla attacking (in a rather friendly manner) a Cape Cod Lighthouse and the Golden Gate Bridge. And, yes, both are painted by my father.

Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Here.

A picture tells a thousand words but this one right here? This speaks about 4 million. They're here and they're hot. Nuff said.

Extra! Extra! PWS Founders Interviewed!

Now, we don't want to brag, but we're kinda a big deal. So much so that SJ and I were just interviewed by Kristin M. (who you may remember from the PWS most devoted reader posting) for a cutting edge publication. I mean, I know! I'm kind of in shock, too. Anyhow, they say there ain't no such thing as bad publicity so please find the full interview below for your enjoyment and most importantly, education. And if you were ever curious about what we fineladies look like - here we are! SJ is on the left.

KM: How did PWS start?
SJ: Wow. Great question. Well, to tell you the truth, PastyWhiteSugar started off as a side-project for CK and I, but it quickly blew up into one of the most closely watched blogs in the metaverse - It sounds crazy now, but I really didn't know how big we would get. (Confirming we're in the metaverse.) I know people like the inside baseball story, so I'll give it to you. It all started on a bus trip - and I'm sorry, what great idea DIDN'T start on a bus!? Talk about a creative environment. CK and I were pow-wowing on what really gets our juices going, and it didn't take much for us to agree: pasty white sugar was it, and we knew we had to capitalize on our collective brilliance before someone else did. Why keep our ideas, our dreams, our fears and our lives a secret? If we shared them with the world, we'd make something happen, and help millions of people while doing it.

That's the story!

KM: Where are you looking for PWS to go?
SJ: My goal is that PWS becomes ubiquitous in tomorrow's fast-paced and delicious digital culture. We hear SO much about the youtubes, the secondlifes of the world, but I think what's next is seeing PWS on your Mom's computer, hearing the grocery store check-out clerk mentioning a post, you know. I don't think it's too much to ask either, because things are really taking off. In less than a month, we've reached upwards of eight readers, and we have NO ADVERTISING. It's all been word of mouth. There's alot of opportunity out there in the metaverse, and if you're quick, smart and creative, you can make history.

So, specifically, what's next? You can expect some posts on my Dad's Godzilla paintings (details to come!), more of the ground-breaking investigative journalism CK is trying her hand at with her Second Life reports, and here & there, some guest columns. We don't want to completely sell out and change what we're about, at least not yet. When Google knocks on the door, though, I can't say I won't' answer it! One other little thing to watch out for: merchandising, lots and lots of merchandising.

KM: Give a brief overview of what PWS readers can expect in the future?
SJ: This is a stupid question. I just answered it. I don't have time for this crap.

KM: Who are PWS readers?
CK: Well Kristin, that's another great question. Currently we have a strong following with you and ex-Biter, Annie Wilson. We've had to add four, new servers (AMD Opteron, of course!) just to keep up with the traffic.

KM: How did you get an ad?
CK: I have to admit, that was a really pivotal moment for PWS. You know, as SJ mentioned above, we started this thing as a tribute to something great, but it's rapidly evolved into so much more than that: a credible news source, nobel prize worthy literary shorts, cutting-edge photography. Some are even saying we are the next CNN. Yeah, no kidding. So obviously with that kind of success, we are going to get people knocking down our doors for some ad space. This is prime real estate, baby! At the moment, we're still being pretty selective, but buckle your seatbelts for a few doozies in the very near timeframe. I don't want to be a tease or anything, but we've already signed a few 6 figure deals.

KM: Did you find any barriers in making PWS what it is today?
CK: Working with SJ can be tough but you know why? It's because she keeps me on my toes, man! Always pushing me to think outside the box - Andrioid paws and humping Minnie Mouses - It can sometimes be a trip, but you gotta give the people what they want and that's solid, factual reporting.

I guess the only other barrier (if you can call it that) would be my "day job". But as we all know this thing called "reality" won't be around much longer. So to be honest, I don't even need to go to this "job" thing anymore because I'll be living it up in 2nd Life in my sweet, sweet penthouse that overlooks Miami's South Beach getting a back rub from a big bulgy black man and sipping a martini. Now that's real life and you better get ready for it because it's coming like an angry, mad bull and not stopping for anything... or anyone.

Countdown to whodunnit!? time!

There's something special happening next week. I'm beating CK at Clue. Over and over again.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sweet Dreams Of Second Life

So as our readers will know, we here at PWS really appreciate and encourage the phenomenon that is Second Life. We believe that it is incredibly important - no! - essential that we as mankind cultivate this metaverse. Throw away your books! Rid yourself of cars, phones, food, clothes! Your "everyday rules" no longer apply here. And if you try to enforce them, well I can't hear you because I'm in Second Life, baby. Where the hell are you?

*Editor's Note: the creator of this little video also sang the theme song herself. She produced it with one of those Karoake stands at the mall. To really hear the fine nuances of her voice, I recommend the Bose headset.

That's how I feel after watching last night's PR. (Project Runway to those of you who are retarded and don't watch the show. Yes, I called you retarded.). Anyhoo, that fat ho Laura tattled on Jeffrey and now he may be kicked off?! What. The. F. I am not a "huge" fan of Jeffrey's but I still think Laura needs to calm the F down and get her hormones in check. Even I could sew some leather pants and shit like that if I had 3 months! to do it and had been a professional designer before! And it's not like her collections wasn't perfect either! I mean, she has tons of detailing all over her evening wear collection. Give me a break! She just can't stand that someone else might be better than her. Hey - did you also check out her husband? I bet he was the one who did the turtle poo and just blamed it on Frank.

Also something else I was SHOCKED, HORRIFIED and scared over. As many of you know (and seeing as it's my best friends who only read this site you should definitely know or be very ashamed of yourselves) The Last of the Mohicans is my favorite movie. Ever. I watch it probably 3x a week and I sometimes think about it a lot, too. So after I watched it about 16x in a row one night, I decided it was high time I read the book. So I trotted over to Barnes and Nobles and picked it up. Um. Has anyone read the book? IT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! 100%, completely, F-ing different! I mean, (and if you don't want to know what happens stop reading right now because I'm going on a vent) Cora is Alice in the book, Nathaniel has NO interest in any of the girls (gay maybe?), Unca and Magua fight over Cora (who loves Unca), Duncan loves Alice, Cora dies, Alice lives (and so does Duncan and they get married!) and they are all bible beaters!!! They talk about God all the time. God this, God that. So I have now decided that I didn't read the book. It was just a bad dream and Daniel Day Lewis and me, I mean, Madeleine Stowe still run off into the wild frontier happily ever after. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Want 25th Century? I'll show you 25th Century. This is my new HAND!

The future is now people, and guess who's touching it???
Back to Basics

Lest any of you think CK and I are totally selling out, I wanted to bring things b ack to what we do best. Making fun of our parents' interesting, bizarre and somewhat troubling email correspondence.

Here's a great one from my Dad, once again, please read carefully!

Hola hijos,

I started this Monday night and am almost done, but
wanted to send it to you.

I photographed it in Guanacaste a few months back. It
is a cuatamundi or pisote as it is called here. It is
a close relative of the racoon on its mother's side.



Editor's note: I'm only doing this crap until I figure out how to make more money on this. Whatever those paying people want me to write about, I'll do it. I just need to know what they want me to say. Call me the "hired gun" of the blogosphere. Do it.
It's a Momentous Day for PWS

That's because we finally hit the big time, baby! We now have PAYING ads on PWS. Paying as in cash. Dollars. Lettuce. Bones. You get the picture. We're kinda like the new YouTube kids (and you can expect a video shortly). So this post is basically a sayonara suckers because SJ and I are outta here. I'm buying a pink Caddie and she's getting some Kate Spade boots and we're heading to Vegas with our dancing midget. Because that is where dreams come true. Dreams with little umbrellas and sweet, sweet tequila.
What Do You Think?

This is the dress I have picked out for a colleague's wedding in Napa at 4pm next Sat.(just to set the scene). What do you think? Please be honest as I like it but don't LOVE it. You know what I mean?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

You have no idea.

So the below Mom emails are really flipping funny, but I'm about to get the party started from the West Coast with an email from my DAD. Who said Dad's can't be totally crazy in their own right? PS: This is definitely - just the beginning. Lots more of this crazy sauce to come.

Editor's Recommendation: Read slowly, so you don't miss ANY words.


Hola toots,

What's new? Haven't heard from you for awhile. How is
the new position? Tell me about it and what is going

Did you get my bunny painting?

Need some coffee? If so, will send a bunch this week.
Ask Meathead as well. He tells me he is the boss, he
wears the pants in his relationship, but I don't think
so. Give me the scoop.


Mom Knows Best

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be featured as a guest blogger on PWS. In the spirit of celebrating all things mom, I share this email beauty from my mom on the importance of changing your bathroom light...what would we do without moms!

"Just a short word about your bathroom light.
I am concerned about your safety in the SHOWER; such as shaving your legs, stepping on something and slipping on something in the dark, etc.(and you may not have thought about this) I understand if you don't want your landlord to be in your apt. without you. But he will loan you the ladder to change the bulb or just ask him to change the bulb when you are home and he'll just go into the bathroom.
(Putting your mascara on your eyebrows instead of your eye lashes , putting your contacts up your nose instead of in your eyes, and brushing your ear instead of your teeth are not the big issues here)!!!!
Please do this for me. I know it seems little to you, but your safety is my main concern."

I love you more than you know,XOXOXO
One More for the Road...

D and I have decided that it is officially "Mom Email Week". So if you have a good one, please post it to the comments section -OR- sign up to be a guest PWS blogger. Yes, it is a selective process (we need a resume, blood and urine test, two references and a credit check) but the end result is more than worth it. You'll also receive a limited edition PWS sticker to show off to all your friends.


Subject: Guess WHAT!*

BTW,...I REALLY hope that your Drivers License turned up? Any news! I hope you're not getting my gene?

I remember backpacking with your Daddy when we were young. He literally starting tying things to me with parachute cord, so that I wouldn't lose them. I remember one time, getting up from a stream where I'd been cleaning his fresh trout. As I walked away an open Swiss Army knife I'd forgotten, swung into my boot toe, blade first! It was an EXCITING moment! :(

Love U 2 Pieces,


*Please note, this email has been cut due to extreme length.
An Oldie, but a Goodie

Some of you may have enjoyed this Mom email before. I thought I would post it for those who weren't lucky enough to hear it the first time around. Please note, I have received similar emails to this at least 3x. She's a class act that one.



CK -

Eat your heart out...I'm going to IHOP! Are you impressed?

A Day in the Life of CK

and the emails she gets from her Mom.

Here is a GREAT one I got yesterday regarding a High School friend that just got engaged. I did change her name in case she is a follower of PWS (I mean, let's be honest, who isn't?). I italicized my favorite bit.


Subject: I am Delighted for Carrie.

CK -

I am delighted for Carrie. I hope he is Jewish as I know that will mean allot to her family. When is she getting married.

I find it interesting that it seems like the girls who were not the most gifted in looks, seem to be the ones getting married first. As for you, you seem very career driven at the moment, but perhaps you need a little more balance in your work vs. social life? Do you know what kind of person you want in your life yet? I was hell bent and determined not to get married until I was 30, but succumbed at almost 25. I am sure that you won't settle for just anyone either.

Hold out for true love. Its worth the wait.

Love Moo

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things that John from HiDive says that he really shouldn't say:
  1. Want a shot of tequila, little girl? (At 12 pm)
  2. You're here! We were just talking about you! (Points to DVD "Daughter of Frankenstein" and smiles)
  3. You want a little cookie, little girl?
  4. I'll give you a little splash of something. I'll put it in a little glass for you, because that way I don't (whispers) have to charge you.
  5. Hi Sugar, Bye Sugar, Where you been, Sugar?
  6. Bonus: (From his colleague): "Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey! I drank so much of it last night, I started to think to myself, oh no, you're bad. You're doing it all over again."

Is it just me or do these things seem off for a lunch time visit?


I was just thinking it was time to add some drama to pastywhite, and wouldn't you just figure that drama fell straight into my lap. Through my email inbox.

I can't and won't, name names. But I'll tell you something. The picture to my left was taken in Orlando. At Halloween.

Let me ask a question: would YOU want to be there? With these freaks?
Our Best Follower. Ever.

Is... KRISTIN! And I sit across from her. And she thinks I'm pretty. But not in that way. Just in the I'm really, really gorgeous and fun and super smart way. Matt Damon thinks the same thing.
Hypothetically Speaking...
Would you rather eat a big ooey gooey Tuna Melt from Hi-Dive or give Annie a really big noogie?! On her head!

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm starting something new on pasty white, not just because this blog is less than a month old and it has no continuous updates or readership, but more because I'm stranded writing a powerpoint and am less than happy.

what i am is baffled. i'm baffled by one thing: the images that people create and put online, only for me to find as i look for jazzy clip art.

wtf? here's a selection - you tell me what to think. clearly, this project not stopping with this post. i think i might even start a non-profit completely dedicated to scouring the world wide web for these glorious artifacts. watch me.