Tuesday, October 17, 2006

OK. That's It.

You know, SJ and I are a little disappointed in our so-called, self-proclaimed "loyal" readers. I'm sick of hearing, "Oh, I read PWS everyday! At least 5x" or "I love PWS! It's more addictive than crack" or "I just bill my clients for 8 h0urs a day but really all I'm doing is reading PWS." Well you know what? I think you are all LIARS. That's right, liars. We get no sort of feedback or comments (except from ourselves). And if we don't get any feedback, I ask you, how are we supposed to GROW and DEVELOP as professional individuals? How??? I'll answer that - we DON'T. We're creatively stifled. We don't know which way is up or down. I don't know if my reporting on 2nd Life is engaging and SJ doesn't know what you people think of Godzilla. We're confused, scared, and most of all ... sad. Therefore, SJ and I have decided to shut down shop and take PWS in-house. Back to its roots as a two man shop. So, sayonara, thanks for the laughs and we'll be seeing you... Unless, we get some much welcome support from our readers. What do the four of you think?


Anonymous PWS4LIFE said...

No PWS don't go! Godzilla was amazing. True artistic talent. Better than Picasso, Van Gogh, you name it. Truly impacted my day.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a loser and read the Q&A at least twice. ok, maybe 3 times. You can't shut down PWS, doing so will significantly cut down the hours i bill to industry reading. We are loyal and as far as suggestions for improvement, more pictures!!!!

11:20 AM  
Anonymous powderedwhitesugar said...

What???!!! You guys are great. I'm finally now checking PWS at least twice a day, w/o SJ even have to prompt me over IM. Godzilla was fantastic, Second Life was hysterical and I really love the mom/dad emails.

2:53 PM  

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