Thursday, October 19, 2006

We Hug Trees, and Drive SUVs

PWS cares about the environment (except SJ - she uses hairspray out of a aerosol can. Time to alert the Second Life Liberation Army!) but other than that, we're energy-concious, tree-hugging, green gals so OBVIOUSLY we attended the Solar Power 2006 Conference in San Jose this week. And we rolled up in true eco-style: in this sweet, sweet ride. What is that you ask? Well, that is my rental car. Yes sir. It's the only way to travel to an environmental event in a double cab, extended bed Dodge Dakota pick-up truck. And let me tell you, I was the envy of every hippy at the event. Every single god damn one of them.


Anonymous PWS4LIFE said...

sweet ride PWS---isn't the color of the car a Pasty White as well??

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Master of All That Matters said...

This truck looks a lot like the truck Michael J Fox wanted in Back to the Future I and eventually got in number II

2:35 PM  

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