Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things that John from HiDive says that he really shouldn't say:
  1. Want a shot of tequila, little girl? (At 12 pm)
  2. You're here! We were just talking about you! (Points to DVD "Daughter of Frankenstein" and smiles)
  3. You want a little cookie, little girl?
  4. I'll give you a little splash of something. I'll put it in a little glass for you, because that way I don't (whispers) have to charge you.
  5. Hi Sugar, Bye Sugar, Where you been, Sugar?
  6. Bonus: (From his colleague): "Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey! I drank so much of it last night, I started to think to myself, oh no, you're bad. You're doing it all over again."

Is it just me or do these things seem off for a lunch time visit?


Blogger pastywhitesugar said...

My question is: who is this John and is he single?

3:25 PM  
Anonymous sj said...

I would say that's a big fat yes.

3:30 PM  

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