Thursday, October 12, 2006


That's how I feel after watching last night's PR. (Project Runway to those of you who are retarded and don't watch the show. Yes, I called you retarded.). Anyhoo, that fat ho Laura tattled on Jeffrey and now he may be kicked off?! What. The. F. I am not a "huge" fan of Jeffrey's but I still think Laura needs to calm the F down and get her hormones in check. Even I could sew some leather pants and shit like that if I had 3 months! to do it and had been a professional designer before! And it's not like her collections wasn't perfect either! I mean, she has tons of detailing all over her evening wear collection. Give me a break! She just can't stand that someone else might be better than her. Hey - did you also check out her husband? I bet he was the one who did the turtle poo and just blamed it on Frank.

Also something else I was SHOCKED, HORRIFIED and scared over. As many of you know (and seeing as it's my best friends who only read this site you should definitely know or be very ashamed of yourselves) The Last of the Mohicans is my favorite movie. Ever. I watch it probably 3x a week and I sometimes think about it a lot, too. So after I watched it about 16x in a row one night, I decided it was high time I read the book. So I trotted over to Barnes and Nobles and picked it up. Um. Has anyone read the book? IT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! 100%, completely, F-ing different! I mean, (and if you don't want to know what happens stop reading right now because I'm going on a vent) Cora is Alice in the book, Nathaniel has NO interest in any of the girls (gay maybe?), Unca and Magua fight over Cora (who loves Unca), Duncan loves Alice, Cora dies, Alice lives (and so does Duncan and they get married!) and they are all bible beaters!!! They talk about God all the time. God this, God that. So I have now decided that I didn't read the book. It was just a bad dream and Daniel Day Lewis and me, I mean, Madeleine Stowe still run off into the wild frontier happily ever after. Sigh.


Anonymous powederedwhitesugar said...

dearest pasty - please keep the Project Runway updates coming... i'm tv-less for three weeks and going through runway withdrawal! well, there's technically a tv, but it doesn't get channels, though we do have excellent dvds like madagascar & charlies' angels that are dubbed in chinese & korean. and, no i'm not kidding.

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