Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NEWSFLASH: Second Lifers go to the movies.

Big news from last weekend: second lifers are in fact, EVERYWHERE. Now, I know we've talked about Second Life alot, and acknowledged how huge it is (side note: if you haven't gotten the invite to my pet Pegasus' baby shower, let me know. It's on Thursday and it's going to be really, really, really great), but even I was shocked this weekend when I was explaining to a good friend the magic that is Second Life.

Why was I shocked? Oh, I'll tell you. I was shocked, because just as I started to get really into explaining just *who* goes on Second Life, and just *what* they do there, a little head popped over next to my friend and said, excitedly, "You do Second Life!? I do Second Life!"

My excitement at the sharing of this experience with this amazing 40-something woman was slightly overshadowed by my complete and utter shock. I was at a movie, sitting one seat away, from a true-blue, hard-core, Second Lifer!! Where was CK when I needed her?? Before I could say anything, she whispered something that sounded like, "I'm Peggy Booboo Head!" and shoved a fistful of popcorn in her face, followed by her violently nodding at me, with a conspiratory look in her eye. She said, "You know me right!? You know me!" and laughed. I just nodded, a little in awe and said, "Yes."

She then went on to talk about how she doesn't play SIMS any more, because "Who needs that, when you have Second Life? It's a million times better!" I nodded. She also pointed out she has alot of property in Second Life she paid for and that she has a great store we could check out. A store where we could spend real money on totally fake things, which is basically the best idea I've ever heard. Pretty much ever.

Long story short my friends, Second Lifers are out there. They're sitting next to you in the movies, they're on the bus. They're all over. And that's just really fucking awesome.


Anonymous CK said...

SJ - Let's get her a PWS t-shirt! What size do you think she is?

2:38 PM  
Blogger Belle and Ferdinand said...

Gertrude Trotter wants a PWS t-shirt too. A 2L version. You know you need a metaverse T. See you twitching later.

4:57 PM  

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