Monday, October 30, 2006

PWS EXCLUSIVE: Register Vulture Takes Dump in Second Life*

Our friends over at The Register have been so impressed by our proficiency in Second Life land, as well as our incredibly poignant reporting (not to mention good looks – and if you think I look good in First Life you just hold on to your pants when you get a load of my Avatar. I’m one fine looking alien pirate. No such thing exists you say? Oh it does, my friend, It sure does. And mark my words, one day the alien pirate race shall rule the world and then you’ll be sorry for making fun of my peg web leg. You sure will a-holes.). Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, The Register. We know our PWS readers are also big followers of this fine publication and are obviously in the know about the contest**. Well, today it is with great pride and perhaps a tear or two in my eye (only the one because I lost the other in a really messy arguement to a really rude zebra named Paul the other day. I know, right. What kind of name is Paul?), I would like to exclusively announce the official Register Avatar: a rather dapper vulture with a kickin’ little collar. Can we say, hot? We can and we have and we might even say it again.

Maybe we’ll see you around? You, PWS and Gertrude Trotter*** can all grab a Seabreeze and kick it with some numchucks and gigantic beanie babies or something.

*Dear Second Lifers: there’s been some question over whether you can actual answer Mother’s Nature calling in Second Life. Thoughts?

**Contest alert: Please submit your takes on what The Register's Second Life avatar should look like, and what our special place should be. We're thinking S&M parlor, but it's up to you. Winner gets a shirt or mug. [Graphics preferred]

***PWS’s favorite Second Lifer.


Anonymous sj said...

gigantic beanie babies and numchucks. sounds like my kind of party.

9:34 PM  

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