Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Day in the Life of CK

and the emails she gets from her Mom.

Here is a GREAT one I got yesterday regarding a High School friend that just got engaged. I did change her name in case she is a follower of PWS (I mean, let's be honest, who isn't?). I italicized my favorite bit.


Subject: I am Delighted for Carrie.

CK -

I am delighted for Carrie. I hope he is Jewish as I know that will mean allot to her family. When is she getting married.

I find it interesting that it seems like the girls who were not the most gifted in looks, seem to be the ones getting married first. As for you, you seem very career driven at the moment, but perhaps you need a little more balance in your work vs. social life? Do you know what kind of person you want in your life yet? I was hell bent and determined not to get married until I was 30, but succumbed at almost 25. I am sure that you won't settle for just anyone either.

Hold out for true love. Its worth the wait.

Love Moo


Anonymous sj said...

Those unfortunate girls ARE quick to the altar. What's WITH that!? You're mom has something there... Wowowowow!

7:59 AM  

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