Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who Is This "CopyBot"? And What is He Doing in Second Life???

Quick, quick, really fast Q: who is CopyBot?! Because this bad boy seems to be getting a LOT of play in Second Life. No, really. He seems to get around (refer to picture, upper right corner). If anyone can shed some light on this dude, PLEASE!, let us know.

PS: we could read the article, but that would be too easy. Besides, I'm busy doing stuff. Like the Roger Rabbit...


Anonymous pws groupie said...

Copybot was the hottest metasex i've ever had. It's even better than the real thing. Why? Because i'm MUCH more flexible in the metaverse, baby.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous PWS4Life said...

copybot is mine pws groupie

2:31 PM  
Anonymous pws groupie said...

Are you asking for a metabrawl, pws4life?

9:23 AM  

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