Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Naughty, Naughty PWSers

So as K-Mavs and Gertrude Trotter (two of PWS' most loyal readers) pointed out this afternoon, SJ and I have been very bad about posting lately. We're sorry. Really we are. But trust me when I say we have an iron-clad excuse: SJ lost her pegasus. In her words, "I can't find the goddamn animal ANYHWERE!" So guys, if you've seen him (purple wings, rainbow colored tail, answers to Frank) we'd be super grateful if you could give us a little shout. SJ has been despondent (and quite honestly, no fun which sucks for you-know-who). So while we're searching the metaverse far and wide, we've enlisted the help of one of our most favorite PWS-followers - Shannon O. - to take the reins as a guest blogger. Her Second Life thoughts follow below in PINK:

PS: I've included a little sculpture of Frank and SJ that I hand crafted above. Of course this was before she got that forehead thing fixed.

Second Life is like Barbie

So, I've been giving Second Life a lot of thought and it occurred to me that Second Life is like Barbie for adults.

When I was young I had the Barbie corvette, townhouse and jacuzzi. She had furs, roller skates and ball gowns. I could not drive and even if I could, I would not have had a convertible sports car; I did not have a luxurious townhouse, nor do I think I'd even been in a hot tub....let alone with a naked Ken. But, through Barbie, I had all of these things. It was fun to pretend. I think Second Life is really the same thing, just in a modern format. The only difference is I was 7-YEARS-OLD, not a grown adult, and these luxuries cost under $50 each (and sometime FAR below), not hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I've grown up and I'm past imaginary friends and dress-up. So, the question is---Are Second Lifers those with arrested development?


Anonymous PWS4LIFE said...

I think I saw Frank...hanging out with a shady looking character named Herbert-a yellow kangaroo with a sombrero...

2:38 PM  
Anonymous CK said...

Fuck. SJ I think Frank's crossed the wrong tracks of the metaverse.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Belle and Ferdinand said...


3:35 PM  
Anonymous unrepentantdreemer said...

If you have lost your ability to pretend, imagine, see things in the abstract, you're sadder than anyone in Sadville.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous pwsmakesmewet said...

So right on. Successful adults would never do anything as fancifully escapist as Second Life, or, say, Burning Man. They'd be too busy thinking about TPS reports, trashtalking "best friends" over a glass of chardonnay at French Laundry, and compulsively admiring the leased BMW in their driveway. Now THAT's living!

8:06 PM  
Anonymous dr. truth said...

Nell Carter sends her best from beyond the pale.

We were talking the other day, I Skype'd her in heaven and told her about your blog and Second Life and how great things could be for us if she could come down from the pearly gates and hang with me in Second Life and I think she is going to look into it and join me there and I'll then be so happy about it.

Aren't you happy about it? I love Nell like you have no idea. I wish she was still here, but maybe with Second Life, the Supremes will be proven correct: Someday We'll Be Together.


2:13 AM  

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