Friday, December 22, 2006

Ho! Ho! Ho! Succaaaaaaaaaas

So, due to popular demand, PWS has finally caved in and agreed to give you all a taste of that sweet, sweet sugar you crave - our incredible writing talents and superior wit - before we close out the year that was 2006. Since SJ is living it up in Europa, doing god knows what(actually, I have a pretty good idea...) that leaves me, CK-extraordinaire, to give you a dose of that PWS action you've been missing.

Let's see, where do I start? How about the things I am grateful for in 2006 shall I? OK. Let's do this.

1) Leopard Pendants: Some people hate, I say hot. Here's to the fashion trend of '06 huge gold, growling leopard pendants and black turtlenecks. A true classic - one I just can't see fading.
2) Stef O. and Kristin M.: In with the new, out with the old. Or in this case in with THE MAVERICK and out with Molsen. To two bad ass mother fuckers that make me smile, wince, cry a little every single goddamn day. Especially when you badger me day in and day out to post. WELL HERE IT IS! HAPPY NOW? (Love you)
3) Margaritas: Self-explanatory. Although I think 2007 may be the year of the Sidecar.
4) YOU - OK, it's a rip-off from Time Magazine, but honestly? Where would SJ and I be if it wasn't for all of our loyal PWS readers? We'd probably be promoted or have gotten a raise or maybe I would have a boyfriend because we would have been concentrating on our jobs and our social lives instead of you freaks. But that's all relative.
5) and what's the number one thing I'm grateful for? OK, technically it's #5 but I had to get some anticipation going - why SJ, of course. Duh. Why? BECAUSE IM OBSESSED WITH HER. Not in a crazy, weird way but just I really like her and think about her pretty much every single minute type of way. SJ - I love you. Why don't you return my calls? Or my faxes?


OK, Happy Holidays my friends - Looking forward to many more postings and 2L extravaganzas in 2007!



Monday, December 04, 2006

One More for the Road...

And just because we've been really bad about posting, here's a bonus round! This one is from my very own - Enjoy!


Hi Sweetheart -

Sorry to bother you while you're so busy, but I need your fashion advice.

As you know I WAS going to wear that Peggy Jennings dress that I got last year, to the Christmas Ball on Sat. HOWEVER, your Mom has been eating candy and chocolates almost nightly since Halloween…. I tried on that dress about 3 weeks ago and it fit better than ever. BUT then I tried it on again and it is really REALLY snug in the middle. The hips and legs are fine…but my middle has thickened up! I'm so mad at myself.

So I ran out and bought another dress last night. It is also a Peggy Jennings marked down from $1,375 to $260. This one is a flat black cocktail dress with a halter design. The back is bare to just below the wings in the back. So its not really low, but does show my upper back, shoulders and a bit of neckline.

So, do you think I should buy something else or what? Also, can I wear shiny black satin shoes with a flat black dress?

Love MOO
We're Back With What We Do BEST (no it's not drinking or being really ridiculously fun - although it could be)

Hello again PastyWhiteSugar readers far and wide! And by far and wide I mean the girl sitting across from me (Hi Kristin!). Apologies for the lack of postings these past 2 weeks. I know it's hard to believe, but SJ and I were REALLY busy. Really busy slacking off - ha! Anyhow, on that note, while we're getting back into the swing of things, we've enlisted a regular PWS guest blogger - Diane - to share some of her very best Mom emails. We know you guys just can't get enough!


Subject: Shrimp

Dearest Di,

I heard through the New York mother grapevine some bad Shrimp or fish is going around NY.
Soooooo please eat other things, such as meat and chicken and pork(very well done)!!!!
I don't know, but be careful. IBe aware.

----Your, cousin Audrey got food poisoning last weekend and some other symptoms of headache and eye trouble during the week??? (Grandma told me, Aunt Marlene told Grandma)

Hope you are enjoying the Blue dress. It was always one of my favorites and I'm so happy my daughter(my best friend, also) is enjoying it.

I love you more than you know,ma